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Kia SPORTAGE до 2009 года выпуска

14 500 рублей

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Стоимость доставки: Доставка-Гарантия или уточняйте у менеджера по телефону или через форму обратной связи.

Стоимость доставки: 0 рублей

Описание Kia SPORTAGE до 2009 года выпуска

Special Features:
1. Multilingual interface menu:
 English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Tai

2. Start screen logo can be customized
3. The backgound picture can be customized
4. Sliding 3D interface menu
5. USB port located in front panel and back of unit,you can choose one USB port you prefer
6. CPU:600MHZ;RAM:256M

digital touch screen with resolution 800*480 pixels

Sliding 3D menu

Tons of wallpaper for user's preference


Multi-languages menu: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Thai

 Built-in Bluetooth, support A2DP, play music via phone directly.

Built-in microphone

Built-in analog TV function.

Automatic identification of PAL or NTSC or SECAM TV systems

Built-in GPS navigation with GPS antenna

WinCE 6.0 GPS system, support 2D / 3D maps software

Built-in radio with 30 preset radio stations, support different radio areaes

RDS function

Rear IPOD port, can lead IPOD player to glove box conveniently

Front and rear USB ports, support max. 32GB flash drive

Real time clock function, support 12/24 hours time system

RCA rear view camera input

4x 45W audio output

Jazz, POP, Rock, Classic EQ modes

Everything operated by remote control (included)

Fluorescent keys available for the remote control

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